Click the images to enlarge to full-  size.  Left or right (arrows) will take  you foreward and backward through each screenshot. The starting point for any rectification, entering in the  Natal (or Epoch!) data.  You must first completely  rectify the Natal chart, in order to be in a position to  begin the Epoch rectification.  This is the main screen for the chart database.  All the  rectifications (whether finished or just starting) can be  called up, including all the stored events.  All of the events are entered/edited on this screen.   This is also where you choose which set of events you  want to use in the rectification.  This is where Polaris’ rankings of possible birthtimes,  within the search range, are shown.  In this example,  Pat Nixon’s correct birthtime is the first entry...   This screen shows the Topocentric Primary Directions  for Radix, Epoch, or both for each event previously  stored.  In this example, the death of her Mother, look  at the aspect symbolism and the fact that all of these  occur together within just minutes of arc!  This is the same screen as above, only now showing  Secondary Progressions for the same event.  This is the (Lunar) Cycles screen.  For any event, it  shows you the angular planets in various Returns.  Here  is when she became first lady.  Venus is angular in all  four Lunar Returns (lunar, converse lunar, demi-lunar,  converse demi-lunar).    These screens are all original size (when clicked) and show an uncluttered design. Polaris Screenshots